June 13, 2024


Kenya has been used as a preferred film location servicing mainly foreign production. Since 2002, however, locals have been utilizing the digital video technology to make films. The country has several mid level colleges and universities offering mass communication, journalism, communication and film-related studies; it has no conventional film school, however.

Kenya’s first full feature film made by local talent was completed in 1986 when an all-Africa festival was held in Nairobi and around the country. Kenya’s first truly international film festival, Lola Kenya Screen, came into being in 2005. It was closely followed by the now defunct Kenya International Film Festival in 2006. There is a vibran European Film Festival oganised by Alliance Francaise.

Film activities are run in European cultural agencies like Goethe-Institut, Italian Film Institut and Aliance Francaise throughout the year. Local players working mainly through the African Cine Week, that later became KIFF, in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Kenya, were instrumental in the set up of Kenya Film Commission in 2005. Television broadcasting is vibrant. There is no formal film/video distribution network in Kenya.

The Department of Film Services, established through an Ac of Parliament, licenses filmmaking. The Kenya Film Censorship Board classifies films for public shows. Also in existence are The Media Council and Kenya Film Commission.

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