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By Busara Promotions
Published February 5, 2017

Batimbo Percussion Magique of Burundi shall perform at Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar.Sauti za Busara music festival kicks off in Zanzibar’s Stone Town on February 9, 2017.

After a year-long hiatus, Sauti za Busara is back to business promoting local culture, building technical capacities and boosting the local economy with employment and training for East Africans.

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More than just a festival, Sauti za Busara has generated more than US$70 million in revenue for Zanzibar since it began in 2004. Every year, the small team of ten expands to 150 crew members directly employed in the festival, always prioritizing local people for crucial roles in Artists Management, Administration, Press Relations, Tickets and Merchandise, Venue & Technical and Security.

A focus on training and skills-building enhances Busara’s sustainability while increasing economic impact for the local community. In 2016, Busara Promotions hosted training programs in stage management, sound engineering, stage lighting, press and marketing skills. In partnership with festivals such as Bushfire in Swaziland and Oya Festival in Norway, the Busara team benefited from hands-on learning experiences by joining other festival crews, where skills, knowledge and contacts are shared across borders.

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Sauti za Busara has helped put Zanzibar on the cultural tourism map as a premiere destination that goes beyond the ‘sun & sand’ cliché. Trish Dhanak, owner of Upendo hotel and restaurant explains, “As a business investor, it’s our job to show travellers the best of Zanzibar, to learn about the island’s deep cultural roots. Sauti za Busara is a vital link to travellers from around the world and mainland Africa — it’s the music that brings them to Zanzibar and while they’re here, we hope they’ll discover a plethora of reasons to return.”

La Reunion's Loryzine, shall perform at Sauti za Busara 2017.February is now the highest month in the year for arrivals to Zanzibar with more than 40000 visitors. At this time, local flights and ferries are full; hotels and restaurants are abuzz with festival energy.

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As the festival continues to grow and attract more international visitors every year, keeping it accessible to local and regional guests is a priority for Busara. This year, the four-day Festival Pass for Tanzanians is TSh20000 or TSh6000  per day. African passport holders pay TSh120000 (US$60) or TSh50000  per day (US$25).

Tickets will be available at the Old Fort starting Tuesday, February 7 from 10:00 AM.

Zanzibar’s weather forecast predicts highs of 34 degrees Celsius with blue skies for everyone. Sauti za Busara takes place in Stone Town, Zanzibar, February 9-12, 2017.

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