July 24, 2024
Delphine Traoré, Regional CEO of Allianz Africa,

By Khalifa Hemed
Published November 27, 2021

Delphine Traoré, Regional CEO of Allianz AfricaAllianz, one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers, has launched its cutting edge technology in its businesses in Africa.

Known as Allianz Technology Africa (AZTA), the technology will provide IT services exclusively to Allianz Africa Operational Entities.

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The company, a part of the global Allianz SE conglomerate, says ‘AZTA will strengthen the role of Allianz Africa IT teams and enable them to better support the region’s transformation while providing more value to local businesses’.

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Allianz Employs IT Leadership Across Africa“Our IT colleagues will have the opportunity to work in a big community of experts, providing the entire Allianz Group with excellent services in terms of technology and innovation”, says Cécile Lebrun, Africa Program Lead at Allianz Technology.

AZTA is the global IT provider for Allianz with more than 10,000 employees located in 36 countries. The entity oversees the full spectrum of information systems and digitalization: Large IT infrastructure projects, data centers, networks, security, application platforms… Concretely, Allianz Technology delivers full-scale solutions for Allianz in the digital age.

AZTA is expected to become Allianz Africa innovation tool per excellence and to offer simple insurance solutions adapted to its various markets.

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Delphine Traoré, Regional CEO of Allianz Africa,Delphine Traoré, Regional CEO of Allianz Africa, explains: “While the insurance penetration rate on the continent is one of the lowest in the world, Africans are open to new technologies. With AZTA, we have a unique opportunity to provide them with appealing solutions. We will also be able to better support the resilience of local economies by making protection solutions more accessible to Africans”.

Along with Allianz recent acquisitions in Nigeria, Morocco and East Africa, this new deployment reflects the group’s ambition to become a leader in key markets in Africa and its commitment to the continent.

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