June 14, 2024


Uganda is not short on talent, there a lot of young enthusiastic film makers both trained and untrained who are making films more as a hobby rater than a profession due to the limited funding opportunities available to filmmakers.

The distribution network lacks structure with regulation being almost inexistent or inactive. This is compounded by heavy piracy depriving filmmakers from earning incomes from their films. The government recently embarked on a process of streamlining the regulations and structures, which is a positive move.

The broadcasting networks are doing much better than the other exhibitions channel like cinemas. Uganda currently has over 10 television broadcasters who are obligated to broadcast at least 70% local content a quota set by the Uganda Communications Commission which is the regulator of Telecommunications and broadcasting. There is still a challenge meeting this quota.

Of recent, a number of private cinemas have opened in the city but there are no operational cinemas else where in the country. The rural areas are serviced by viewing centers (Nickelodeons) that have quality standard issues and are known to pirate films.

Regulation of the film industry in Uganda has the major challenge of authority spread among many organizations which poses a challenge not only to the filmmaker but also to the regulators who often having jurisdiction limitations in making major contributions to the industry. This of late has is being tackled by establishing a platform for all regulators of the film industry to collaborate.

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